K2 Premium Underlayment

  • RedPoint Forest Products K2 Premium Underlayment offers quality you can count on:

    • Calibrated 1/4” inch nominal panel to ensure consistent and uniform panel thickness.
    • A multi-point inspection program resulting in quality, delamination free panels. What doesn’t pass doesn’t get the K2 Premium Underlayment name.
    • Cross grain constructed with 5 plies of hardwood veneers free of core voids or laps.
    • Produced with exterior grade Type 1 adhesive as outlined in most major vinyl manufactures warranties.
    • Uniform colored, clear, defect free, rotary cut, whole piece faces and backs.


  • RedPoint Forest Products K2 Premium Underlayment provides real peace of mind:

    • K2 Premium Underlayment will not delaminate or be the sole cause of wood characteristic bleed through.
    • Backed by our Lifetime Warranty – when installed as prescribed in our installation instructions and properly
      used and handled.


  • RedPoint Forest Products K2 Premium Underlayment is not like other wood underlayment:

    • K2 Premium Underlayment contains no tropical hardwoods and is produced using sustainable, environmentally
      sensitive forestry practices.
    • Will not cause yellowing of the flooring material installed.
    • Precision sanded, clean veneers provide exceptional surface performance and consistent appearance.
    • Designed for stability using 100% select hardwood veneers.


  • RedPoint Forest Products K2 Premium Underlayment is ideal for installers and distributors:

    • Have nailing patterns on every sheet.
    • Available in both 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ sheets to fit every job.
    • Engineered to stay flat, remain level and last.
    • Strong, durable and easy to install.